Are you an opinion leader who is followed by thousands or tens of thousands and want to profit from it?

We at DMD PR and Communications Agency have been working for over 15 years with the biggest domestic and international brands who might need you! Come and join! You don’t have to go to negotiations, you have to work on a campaign strategy, we organize everything for you. Your only job would be what you really understand: post, make videos, or write a really percussive blog post and get your followers ’attention on it. Log in and enter the DMD influencer, celebrity and model database and we will find you with exciting offers soon!

Why is it worth joining us?

  • You can work with outstanding companies that are dominant in both the domestic and international markets
  • With it, you can earn money and get free products for what you understand best
  • You don't have to negotiate, create a marketing and campaign strategy, we organize everything for you and we count on your ideas
  • You can take part in the coolest domestic and foreign campaigns, making it even more popular

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